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shrub or small tree of eastern United States having black inedible berries

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95); and "Farley the Ferret of Farkleberry Farm" 91933818123, $18.
Grieve's 1931 "Modern Herbal," she reported that syrup made from bilberries is "especially valuable in diarrhea and dysentery" and further noted "a decoction of the leaves or bark of the root may be used as a local application to ulcers," and observed that a related fruit, the farkleberry, was useful for "chronic ophthalmia.
She also suggested that the fruit when "steeped in gin has diuretic properties valuable in dropsy," and noted that a related fruit, the farkleberry, was useful for "chronic ophthalmia.
The jazz lover once produced and performed in the biennial Farkleberry Follies, a send-up of Arkansas politicians.
He also directed the Farkleberry Follies, a semi-annual political spoof put on by the Arkansas Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
marilandica) with an understory of dogwood (Cornus florida) and farkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum).
He does admit to inviting members of the commission and staff and other Hot Springs city officials to the semiannual performance of the Society of Professional Journalists' show, Farkleberry Follies.
And a spoof about his familiar red lights at the Farkleberry Follies, a biennial media event, moved him to foot the bill for a cast party replete with seafood trays, fancy cakes and two cases of aged Dom Perignon.