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Synonyms for farfetched

highly imaginative but unlikely


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That terrorists might poison municipal water supplies, spray anthrax from crop dusters, or suicidally infect themselves with small pox and stroll through busy city streets, is no longer considered farfetched.
If that sounds farfetched, consider the activities of a group of scientists at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.
New research, however, suggests that the movie may not be so farfetched.
com -- an entertaining, interactive Web site consisting of farfetched hypothetical questions.
That does not look farfetched at all because other than facing the Clippers, four of the Grizzlies' final five games come against losing teams.
Although the feasibility of five-star accommodations and gourmet chef-prepared meals are farfetched by today's reality, Verne's depiction of the flora, fauna, terrain, and gastronomic possibilities beneath the sea are surprisingly accurate.
While that may sound farfetched, Silicon Valley firms would do well to take heed.
This is a particularly stimulating article even if some of his claims for Eyckian influences upon Andrea del Castagno's halos and Piero della Francesca's portrait landscapes are farfetched.
And Pike's suggestion that the long tension between the military and the Communist Party might lead to a military coup seems farfetched.
Five years ago, the idea of marketing aircraft over the Internet was considered farfetched, even though it offered clear advantages over print advertising," said Tony Friend, President of ASO.
The gambit, farfetched as it appears, charms with pretty melodies, imaginative arrangements (banjo, piano, harmonica, Jim Messina-style Telecaster) and the convincing delivery of 23-year-old Deasy, who, like Coldplay's Chris Martin, has a voice that seems to plead: ``Please don't hurt me, I'm only a harmless vegan.