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Mankiewicz's screenplay; part of the reason the dialogue may sound so ``written'' to contemporary ears is that it is, indeed, written to a fare-thee-well, while most of today's moviespeak rises to the level of gurgling by comparison.
Indeed, students made sure their time capsule included tributes to the women's movement and the nation's fare-thee-well to the English measuring system - one burnt bra and a set of traditional measurement cups and spoons.
Some Hollywood rocket scientists - director Joe Johnston (``Jumanji''), producer Charles Gordon (``Waterworld,'' ``Field of Dreams'') and screenwriter Lewis Colick (``Ghosts of Mississippi'') - have apparently worked over Hickam's memoir ``Rocket Boys'' to a commercial fare-thee-well.
Whether it is a nursing home encounter, an industry's waste disposal policies, or what have you, an institution's actions can be analyzed to a fare-thee-well.
All performed as though they had been rehearsed to a fare-thee-well.
COUNTRYSIDE: I was very, very disappointed and hurt to find that Jd put out his last issue without even a fare-thee-well.
It's a childhood home to die for, a big old white wooden affair with nooks and crannies and an enveloping garden cultivated to an Edenesque fare-thee-well by William's father (Peter MacNeill).
Your brilliant welfare policies have more or less destroyed the black family, with illegitimacy rates now approaching 70 percent; and nice going there with affirmative action, which has polarized things to a fare-thee-well, enabling racism on both sides, as well as costing the economy, by one estimate, four GNP points per year.