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a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

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As one would expect from her statement, the works of familiar farceurs such as Philip King, Ray Cooney, and John Chapman, and thriller writers such as Patrick Hamilton, Emlyn Williams, and Ira Levin have often appeared in the repertoire.
Still very funny with a company of great farceurs and a delightful Art Deco set.
But what playwright Colin Patrick Lynch's script says and what these two increasingly deft romantic farceurs bring to the screen are very different things.
Gareth Hunt, Rodney Bewes, Henry McGee and Trevor Bannister as the leading farceurs take the evening along at a terrific pace.
In the respective roles of Victor, Amanda, and Ricardo, Bardem (Jamon Jamon), Sanchez-Gijon (A Walk in the Clouds), and Flotats prove themselves able farceurs.
I'm embarrassed for skilled farceurs like Paul Shane, Su Pollard and Jeffrey Holland.
He also takes up the much-debated question of the public for whom the farces were played, and speculates cautiously on the possible intentions of the farceurs.
Bref, les Marocains sont des farceurs incorrigibles et des rieurs intarissables, gais comme des pinsons.
At times, as in the chapter "Professional Farceurs in Paris, 1600-1630" she recapitulates what has already been published by other authors.