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a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

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McNamara was at his subtle best on Kevin Morgan's selling-hurdle winner Farceur du Mesnil as he refrained from hitting the tail-swishing front-runner with his whip as his lead diminished quickly on the run-in.
The ground was too firm for him, but it was such a bad race we took a chance running him," admitted the trainer, who was able to buy back Farceur du Mesnil for 2,100gns.
The sardonic, fussy actor proves himself a surprisingly good sport and a marvelous farceur as the unwilling host of this ripping psycho-fantasy.
The afternoon did not start too well for the Kevin Morgan team, with Farceur du Mesnil and Welsh Mountain having to be content with the runner- up spot in the first two races.
The Dinner Game: Much-too-prolific French farceur Francis Veber (``La Cage Aux Folles,'' ``The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe'') is back with an obnoxious dinner party comedy.
In his late years he was rediscovered as a farceur, often spoofing his own stalwart image.
meme vu personnifier par des mi-caremes, <<un farceur qui aura pris les traits de Riopelle>> (Ruel 1996 : 44).
She was a "great farceur," says Gilbert Seldes in The 7 Lively Arts, a book about the birth of popular culture.
Et enfin si vous etes un farceur ou que vous faites partie de leurs familles, alors vous pouvez choisir entre Ahmed Khairallah, Abdallah Al-Ashl, Mohamed Fawzi ou Mahmoud Hossam.
He may be pigeonholed as a successful TV actor but there's clearly been a theatrical farceur just waiting to burst out of the box.
The great farceur has an OBE, soisn't it time to upgrade him,not to a mere knighthood,but to the fully-blown Duke of Ding-Dong?
45) holds an obvious chance in the seller and Morgan saddles a dark horse in the opener, Farceur du Mesnil, a pretty smart sort on the level in France.
Each comedian, whether a celebrant of the Greek comus, a medieval French farceur, a Japanese kyogen practitioner, or an American vaudevillian, created his or her own method of evoking laughter.
In regard to the comic mode, Smith's performance relates to the tradition of the British comedienne as a farceur.
Trainer Kevin Morgan bagged a double with Loveman and Pontevedra after missing out in the first two races with the strongly-fancied pair Farceur du Mesnil and Welsh Mountain.