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the capacitance of a capacitor that has an equal and opposite charge of 1 coulomb on each plate and a voltage difference of 1 volt between the plates

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More information on FARAD can be found on the AVMA's food safety advocacy web site, http://www.
In this study, calibration measurement procedures have been developed for widely used medical devices in a physical therapy unit, such as TENS unit, physical therapy ultrasound device, diadynami device, Galvani Farad device, electrotherapy, paraffin machine, hot-pack, treadmill, infrared lamp, shortwave diathermy device and traction device.
HOPES Farad, in his hut built of fenceposts and tarpaulin, dreams of working as a civil engineer in the UK.
This is comparable with any bridge in the NIST calculable capacitor chain from the Farad to the Ohm [19].
Singh-led board and consisting of Joseph Andrade, Devanand Kurup, Farad Lakadawala met on Sunday night to discuss and finalise their programme for the 2011/12 season.
Shuban informed the police that he kidnapped Umer Daraz along with his three friends include Riaz, Farad Ali and Waheed.
Set in Los Angeles over two days, this fine film has a cast of disparate folks whose lives coincide for one reason or another, from racist cop John Ryan (Matt Dillon) who pulls over black TV director Cameron Thayer (Terrence Howard) and his wife Christine (Thandie Newton), to the simple hassles that Iranian Farad (Shaun Toub) encounters.
A promising young goalkeeper from the Midland Combination - thought to be Atherstone Town's Farad Afendivev - this week became the latest man to turn down Rugby United's offer, following in the tracks of a striker and centre-half.
The primary maintenance standard for NIST capacitance calibrations consists of a bank of four 10 pF fused-silica standards (referred to as the Farad Bank) which are maintained in an oil bath at 25 [degrees]C.
NXT chairman Farad Azima is an unlikely character to be running a major public company - he doesn't understand the City.
16 of a farad," says Fulton, "the device goes through its entire cycle.
Tenders are invited for Condenser - Dry Type, Capacity - 8 Micro Farad, 440 V , 50 Hz, As Per Is:2993/98 Class - P2 Or Iec - 252/93 For Coach Ventilating Fan With Soldered Connecting Flexible Copper Wire Of 280Mm Long With Each Wire Having Separate Insulated Sleeve And Lugged On Other End As Per Dowell S Cat No.
At the conference, the Company presented a 1000 farad graphene supercapacitor -- the largest graphene supercapacitor developed to date and a technology that will in short order compete with, if not potentially replace the lithium battery in the future.
The winning IGS team consisted of Anan Lakhiani, Sashi Raghavan, Farad Lakdawala, Naresh Handa, Karup Devanad, Suneel Aggarwal, Alok Pant and Dubai Creek Club Captain, Joseph Andrade.
Legal committee formed by former president comprises Khalid Rajah, Chaudhary Farad, barrister Muhammad Ali Said and others.