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If countries are developed, they are only because of their far-sighted and competent leaders.
HM the King called on the Council to adopt "rational, forward-looking and far-sighted approaches that can effectively contribute to the development of creative plans based on coordination and cooperation in order to deal with anything that could compromise the security and stability of our countries, or the safety of our citizens," in a message read on his behalf by Interior minister, Mohamed Hassad.
I believe that EU will eliminate the difficulties experienced in Turkey's negotiation process from time to time by the help of a far-sighted vision deriving from its historical relations with Turkey," he said.
WITH regard to Llanbedr Aerodrome, thank goodness another wise and far-sighted scribe to your newspaper (September 7).
SURELY any dimwit could have told our far-sighted leaders that when push comes to shove foreign companies will prioritise their own 'home' customers
I congratulate the renowned Azadea Group for taking a far-sighted decision of moving into BFH and thus fully utilising the strategic advantages that such relocation offers," said Bahrain Financial Harbour Holding Company leasing, sales and marketing senior manager Salwan Uchi.
With the discount sector predicted to grow to over 10% of the market in the not too-distant future, and with Netto's unique position of being the home of brands in this sector, allied to a robust store opening programme, far-sighted brand owners are approaching us.
I should have said to meet its arduous targets imposed by brilliantly efficient and far-sighted management.
The wise and far-sighted men who founded our republic understood that it is impossible to have an imperial foreign policy without an inflatable currency.
What a plus for Gartside's far-sighted approach to managerial appointments.
Long-time agent Richie Silverstein's far-sighted approach to booking mounts for the Fairplex Park meet in September set the stage for Pedroza's surge.
As we age and get more far-sighted there should be a better result for heads-up displays, but right now we really don't know which is better," he says.
The firm's far-sighted memorandum of association in 1906 referred to its aim to provide engines and vehicles "for use on land, or water, or in the air".
It was founded in 1976 by group of far-sighted people who saw government control steadily encircling other universities, dependent as they are on state funding.