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The lecture will urge far-ranging changes in the behavioural norms that relate to risk management, governance and incentives.
As a parent of a child with autism, I urge the Scottish government to do just this and ensure that their far-ranging reforms of the benefit system take into account those with specific needs such as autism.
This was followed by a lively and far-ranging discussion with participation from representatives of a large number of countries.
Without denying the potential for abuse, his entertaining, far-ranging account highlights the arbitrary distinctions between legally approved and legally condemned uses of stimulants.
Despite the recent tumult caused by his far-ranging love life, Tiger Woods still plans see the construction of his Jupiter Island waterfront mansion through to completion.
As the number of participants in the Associates Program approached 100 and in 2008 the National Center engaged in a far-ranging assessment of all of its programs, the author was asked to provide a multi-year perspective, drawing upon the annual evaluations, interviews with several Associates some years after their participation, and with others who had participated in the program as presenters at the symposia, as funders, and as managers of the program.
A recent decision by the Danish Government to compensate shift-workers suffering breast cancer may have far-ranging implications.
The result is necessarily far-ranging and ambitious, but gives novices as well as aficionados a good idea of Ackroyd's occupations and place within postmodernism.
Tharp's style demands an absurdly far-ranging skill set--exacting, fast ballet; loose-hipped jazz; vaudeville; and a dash of gymnastics, all stirred together with a jaunty sense of humor.
This shows the far-ranging impacts of greenhouse-gas emissions.
Santa Clarita boasts one of the nation's biggest peewee sports programs; music groups that win far-ranging accolades; and a voluntary community court for first-time youth offenders that is becoming a model for other towns.
The melted ice can have far-ranging effects, eventually raising sea levels to a point where flooding of coastal areas could occur in the U.
The Earth's climate is nearing, but has not passed, a tipping point, beyond which it will be impossible to avoid climate change with far-ranging undesirable consequences.
Great sounds of the street, the soul, the family, and the future are gathered here in a far-ranging collection by well-recognized as well as new, young voices.
To mark the occasion and pay tribute to his far-ranging talents, a crowd of his former colleagues, friends and admirers (including fellow Lindisfarners Ray Jackson, Simon Cowe and Ray Laidlaw, Northumbrian Pipe maestro, Kathryn Tickell and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet boys, Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy) gathered at Newcastle City Hall for a truly memorable evening of memories and music.