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radical or extremely liberal

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Imagine terrorists attacking your home area with a far left Corbyn government in power.
The authors note that there are about 40 percent of Americans who are self-described conservatives, and another 40 percent who are uninformed or misinformed and who will usually side with the far left that represents the remaining 20 percent.
Among the projects of Patricia Melzer, an assistant professor of German and Women's Studies at Temple University, is to recapture far Left women's own perspectives on their actions.
The far left is feared and hated in equal measure by working people.
It strikes me as odd that far left trade unionists want to get such men and women the sack, caricature them as ogres and refuse them employment while campaigning to support multimillionaire footballers from similar abuse.
But why is it that when the truth is expressed that the far left fights so hard to silence it, as well as debate on issues?
If they want to be led by their noses by the far Left then they know who to blame when they have ultimately failed in their protest and have lost the esteem of the general public.
Summary: Lisbon - The Portuguese Parliament thwarted, on Friday, a text presented by the Portuguese far left party "Bloco de Esquerda" against Morocco's territorial integrity.
CDATA[ This far left newspaper doesn't only engage in espionage.
2 -- 4 -- color) A life-size Yoda, far left, greets visitors at the California Science Center's "Star Wars" exhibit; Mary Montoya plays the Spaceport game, left; and Albany Turcio rides a hovercraft, above.
Craig Vickio, far left, a dinical psychologist at Bowling Green State University, was the keynote speaker for the GP3 Forum.
2 The Catalog Company's Janice Johnson, second from left, talks business with Dennis Chin, far left, and Rick Fouse of William Bounds and Jan Murtagh of CDN.
The previously known moon, Charon, lies to the right of the planet, and the other new moon is at the far left.
Fitzgerald gave Jefferson a larger, more accurate nose, cropped the portrait, and placed it on the far left side of the coin.