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a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man

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Tenders are invited for Construction of Office block at BOP Faquir of 97 Bn BSF under SHQ BSF Indreshwar Nagar
Pour sa premiere participation a la Coupe du monde au sein de la selection africaine (1979 a Montreal), le Maroc etait represente par Fatima El Faquir (400 m haies) et Zoubida El Ayouni (lancer du disque), qui detient le record du nombre de participations (4: Montreal-1979, Rome-1981, Canberra-1985, Barcelone-1989).
In some cultures, girls are murdered by male members of their families if it is suspected that the family code has been negatively impacted and the female is perceived to have brought dishonor against the family (Ely, Dulmus, & Wodarski, 2004; Faquir, 2001; Kogacioglu, 2004; Kulwicki, 2002; Rudd, 2001; Santos Pais, 2012; Sev'er & Yurdakul, 2001).
Gracas a Pascoal Segreto, o empresario italiano radicado no Rio, a industria do entretenimento apresentava "aberracoes" de todo o mundo: um faquir persa jejuando dentro de uma caixa de madeira e vidro, mulheres atletas russas, um espetaculo de levitacao, alem dos monstros habituais como pessoas e animais de duas cabecas.
Anyone with any information about the robbery should contact DC Massie or DC Shahid Faquir at Solihull CID on 0845 1135000