fantasy world

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something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality)

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Most importantly, "The Birth of Death" introduces a fantasy world full of complex relationships and exciting storylines.
The NCC housing numbers are regarded by at least one other neighbouring county as "very ambitious" - "challenging to achieve" and "is likely to have significant implications for infrastructure provision" Look behind the diplomacy in the language and it what it really suggests from fellow professionals is they too think NCC are in a fantasy world Unfortunately, the harsh reality should NCC continue to live in their dreamland is that this will not be a cornfield in Iowa being sacrificed- it will be our precious Green Belt.
Each fantasy world received about one-fifth of the vote, though Narnia and Neverland tied for a slight lead.
However, Fuller told his sentencing hearing at Parramatta District Court the chat rooms were part of a fantasy world.
com's first online fantasy cricket tournament earlier this year, the world's fastest growing online sports community, is launching Fantasy World Twenty20.
ANOTHER WEEK is over in Fantasy World Cup Rugby, with England marching into the knockout stages of the tournament.
PETER PAN (0743564529) comes first, providing Barrie's classic story of a boy who refuses to grow up and the day Wendy enters his fantasy world.
The movie, which follows a girl named Ofelia through her retreat into a fantasy world to escape the grim reality of life in Franco's Spain, is up for the foreign language Golden Globe and recently was named best picture by the National Society of Film Critics.
The characters ring true despite the fantasy world of their existence.
Familiarity with the prior Tinker will lend easy access to this ongoing story of Wolf, who rules under siege in Pittsburgh, now stranded on Elfhome, and who struggles to keep the peace between the humans and the fantasy world they've entered even as Tinker is facing a mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek with nightmares of the future.
It's right where the real world meets the fantasy world.
Scheduled for release in Japan in December 2005, ROHAN will feature high-quality graphics and dramatic effects and have its setting in the medieval fantasy world.
When his wish comes true, Robbie suddenly finds himself in a strange new and dangerous fantasy world, involuntarily separated from everyone and everything he has ever known
While Polly struggles to fit into her new intimidating environment, she nurtures her pastime of photography and escapes into her safe and brilliant inner fantasy world where, for once, she is the star.
Azar is pleased to understand that the girls in her reading group "by refusing to give up their right to pursue happiness, had created a dent in the Islamic Republic's stern fantasy world.