fantasy life

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an imaginary life lived in a fantasy world

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Fantasy Life promises players an epic adventure set in Reveria, a vast world filled with deserts, mountains and pirate-infested coves.
Yet, Egyptians somehow manage to ignore these realities and to live in a fantasy life where there is hope of acquiring wealth, of prospering and advancing.
Portway may try to argue that the pictures and chats are just part of a fantasy life and that he never intended to carry out his plans, but the evidence clearly shows that is untrue,'' Assistant U.
She said that she is happy as she has a very strong real life with her family, to counter-balance her fantasy life.
There's nothing wrong about having a healthy fantasy life.
That fantasy life of the older crowd is a vague dream of the past.
Young male fantasy life provides the fuel for "Peep Show," which parodies Jewish guilt as though Franz Kafka and Woody Allen had invaded Englander's dream life.
They're getting mood swings and actually having sex with another person isn't satisfactory because they're engaging in a fantasy life.
The Old Bailey heard that the former chest consultant at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, west London, led a fantasy life where he preyed on women by dazzling them with his wealth.
It all fits in with having a fantasy life online and he didn't follow it up.
As Melissa gets to know Alice, a mysterious girl with a strange fantasy life, she spends more time with her mom and brother and begins to realize the value of family.
In this book, he tells his own story from the perspective of a child whose fantasy life is finally destroyed by the horrors of war.
My real fantasy life would be spent on the sofa with a cup of tea watching TV all day.
Judge Richard Hone said Erin had been exposed as a "liar, cheat and predator" having led a fantasy life where he preyed on women by dazzling them with his wealth.