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Synonyms for fantastical

Synonyms for fantastical

existing in fancy only


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ludicrously odd

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Bears, gypsies, quirky family members, foiled plans, unusual and unorthodox neighbors, Fantastical has it all.
The descriptions of the enigmatic Lazarus and his towering mansion, with its labyrinth hallways and cabinets of curiosities, brought to mind the fantastical imagery of Spirited Away.
Even though much of what we now include in the realm of facts (flying machines and thin wires conveying sounds and images across time and space and men not in, but on, the moon) began in the realm of the fantastical.
If you live in Wolverhampton, you can still apply for a place on Saturday's Fantastical Express at www.
Webster also discovered that even in situations that don't include fantastical elements, people still inserted fantasy into them.
40PM Perseus, son of the god-king Zeus, must fulfil a range of fantastical challenges to secure his future.
Similarly, if it's bizarre flights of fantastical whimsy, la Eddie Izzard and Noel Fielding, that float your proverbial then you'll most likely laugh yourself sore - although some of it has the distinct feel of having been written on the bus on the way to the gig.
PLUMES, bikinis and fantastical costumes in tropical colours were out in force yesterday as revellers enjoyed an outbreak of blue skies and sunshine at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Summary: Plumes, bikinis and fantastical costumes were out in force as revellers enjoyed an outbreak sunshine at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Led by director Glynis Leyshon and including Allan Stichbury (sets), Nancy Bryant (costumes) and Gerald Kim: (lighting), the team recreated the feel of Regency England confined within a minimalist set of stark, square, receding frames that never let us forget that this was just a fairy tale, a fantastical fable elaborated by poets W.
Describes Abbas' Accusations of Hamas as Fantastical
He also convinced Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to play different incarnations of Ledger's character Tony as he delves into fantastical other dimensions, changing appearance in each trip.
Within Mann's luminous abstractions, he constructs fantastical spaces that appear to hover simultaneously between the microscopic and the cosmic.
Of course there's a balance to be stuck here; children need to have their imagination captured by fantastical tales in order to let their own creative minds work.
It is likely a decent effort will be required in the Brownhill Insurance Group Median Auction Maiden Stakes at Lingfield to lower the colours of Clive Brittain's Fantastical.