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someone who predicts the future

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According to a Seoul Dragon City press release, the sculpture signifies that Dragon City is a gateway to the Korean fantast.
31) At his most playful, the political fantast morphs into the deliberate creator of fictions.
We always get the blame for so-called not daring programmes, but the problems of making a programme for a tour are phenomenal; concert organisers don't want to take chances, and then you have to deal with the soloists and their managers - it's a fantast ic puzzle, actually
More significantly, Adela Pinch observes in her reading of Freud's classic essay "A Child Is Being Beaten" that since the fantast could apparently occupy any of three subject positions -- that of the child, that of the person punishing the child, or that of an excited onlooker -- the basic structure of masochistic fantasy assumes a certain fluidity of gender positioning.
The book seems rather the showcase of a dandiacal fantast than one that echoes archetypal resonance.
w fantast so I co s year I "I've always thought how fantastic it would be to be involved, so I count myself very lucky that this year I've got that opportunity.
It's a fantast ic prospect for the team and for the whole city.
telling me to show therest of my figu think he's proud o that's a lovely fee been married for to still feel attracdesired is fantast Age is just a nu I like to think we governed by oth rules as to what and shouldn't w more.
we showed a defeat las fantast abo are imt "I thought the character we showed after a heavy defeat last time out was fantastic.
He is a fantast ic professional and could be good support for Tottenham.
He said: "Sammy will be fit after a virus and we have Anthony Stokes, Niall McGinn and Paddy who was fantast ic again tonight.
TO celebrate the launch of Budget Travel's new Summer 2008 brochure and fantast ic summer sale, we're of fering YOU the chance to win a fabulous holiday for two adults to CORFU next summer.
The 30-year-old said: "Invernes s have be en fantast ic.