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Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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Some of the potential dangers of fantasizing, however, are: (1) Fantasizing about future actions or activities that are negative in nature and are not likely to occur; (2) Fantasizing about unscientific phenomena that cannot occur; (3) Overwhelming oneself with repeated mental images of one's problems and failing to visualize the possible positive consequences of one's future actions; (4) Disconnecting from the objective world; (5) Fantasizing about long-forgotten fears, phobias, and experiences whose memories are unpleasant; and (6) Distorting reality.
You might think this fantasizing is just a harmless game.
Now they're living in a run-down trailer in her mother's old hometown, and Alexandra hates everything about it, fantasizing about the father who left them years ago.
Marshall and screenwriter Robin Swicord (one of many charged with whittling Arthur Golden's novel down to a bearable length) dutifully deliver the fantasy, perfectly pitched, though dubiously palatable, given that our princess met and began fantasizing about her middle-age Charming at the tender age of 15.
How open have you been about fantasizing about being with men?
Her husband was killed in the early days of the German invasion, and she's muddling south with thousands of others, including her children, rebellious 13-year-old Philippe (Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet) and fantasizing, 7-year-old Cathy (Clemence Meyer).
Bow Wow, feloniously mugging through every scene) and adorable, fantasizing little Destiny (``Hughleys' '' Gabby Soleil) - horsing around in back.
An important business dinner goes badly in a hypnotically fascinating way, as Esther drinks too much wine, starts fantasizing new, nerveless appendages and flirts alarmingly with a steak knife, all while her companions chatter away about cities they don't like as much as Paris.
As he worries over what to do, Paul begins fantasizing about the film's leading lady (supermodel/first-time actress Angela Lindvall), his dreams taking on the surreal quality of the cheesy movie he's supposed to fix.
In lockstep, the other kids accuse her of the vilest racist fantasizing, but Mr.
In future episodes, Chris bungles relationships with Minnie Driver and a lady cop, while Anson is tormented by a religious woman unable to reconcile her sins of the flesh and Yola goes to a sleep therapist for help with her insomnia, then can't sleep because she's too busy fantasizing about the doctor.
At first, Judith is more successful fantasizing about meeting people than she is in actually making contact.