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  • verb

Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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The cheesy dance hall through which Londoners romp seems to resurrect itself from the ashes at the beginning, and Cinderella fantasizes herself onto the dance floor and into bed with her swain.
Julia Stiles fantasizes about her own (eventual) wedding in the March/April 2004 issue of BRIDE'S, becoming the first established movie star to grace the cover of the world's #1 bridal magazine.
When 13-year-old Stevie finds a shellfish fossil on the beach, called a "devil's toenail" for its shape, he fantasizes that it has the power to make him strong.
Her plucky heroine Jess (Parminder Nagra) is a great footballer and fantasizes about playing with her idol, English soccer star David Beckham.
It won't hurt the box office that Hudson has assembled the sort of crew one always fantasizes will be on those gay cruises--blondish, 30ish, all Gleem smiles and no love handles--instead of the male facsimile of mother's mah-jongg club one usually finds.
As for ``One Hour's'' kindly but crazed photo developer, ``He's a man who fantasizes himself part of a family through the work he does for them,'' Williams explains.
When he's not editing his video or suffering because his true love, Mel (Rachel True), doesn't see the point of being with him exclusively--among her other lovers is a purple-haired girlfriend, Lucifer (Kathleen Robertson)--Dark fantasizes about the angelic-looking Montgomery (Nathan Bexton).
During the booking process, Colbert told an officer he ``thinks and fantasizes about young girls,'' the police report says.