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Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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In an angry, rambling discourse, Ashbrook told a reporter at FW Weekly that he fantasized about serial killers, particularly Ricky Lee Green, a mass murderer who was from Fort Worth who was executed in 1997 for four killings in Texas and was linked to at least eight other deaths.
In a 25-minute jail-house interview in Sacramento only hours after he was charged in federal court there with the murder of Armstrong, Stayner told the reporter, Ted Rowlands of KBWB-TV in San Francisco, that he had fantasized since childhood about murdering women and had killed these four ``because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Only 23 percent fantasized about having an orgasm in a car, but 36 percent found themselves in that situation anyway.
London, December 11 (ANI): Lady Gaga has confessed she fantasized about women while dating a man.
I also fantasized about being a frequent guest star on Sonny & Cher.
I was lucky to be nominated on the first movie, and I fantasized about the speech.
Indeed, a fetish is never used up, being the object of fantasized and libidinal rather than disquieted devotion; as Walter Benjamin would say, it is through fetishism that the object of use, common to the point of banality, is "saved" from death through consumption.
Me at the dry cleaners: "This would be a great scene," I thought, as I fantasized that the character of the young Shane, the sexual rouee, was based on my life.
When the don arrived and had his fortune told, he again fantasized his romance with Dulcinea.
I've sort of fantasized about experiments," says Flanagan, hastening to add that he hasn't actually done them, "where you would put people in a room where everything was inverted.
Looking at the muscles and solid girth of my grandma's neck, I always secretly fantasized that she must have been some famous athlete in her younger, healthier days.
Their fantasized, sanitized view of Nazi Gennany might well be retitled Romancing the Reich.
Nearly one in four adults often fantasizes about food (26%): -- "Rich and decadent" and "warm and comforting" foods are most often fantasized about (each 31%), while others (21%) dream about foods that are exotic and fun.
London, June 26 (ANI): Marilyn Manson has revealed that he fantasized killing Evan Rachel Wood after they broke up last year.
In fine, Phelps has extended her accounting through literal to fantasized economies, and perhaps it was inevitable that she would make a show about her sex life.