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Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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Women were found to think more frequently than men in "being forced to have sex"-they fantasize about it at least once in life.
Although that didn't look to be a sensational race, Fantasize won well enough, but so far she hasn't really progressed at the rate expected.
Russian Rhythm and Fantasize will be joined by nine other fillies in the pounds 250,000 contest in which the former - currently trading as short as 4-9 with Bet365 - is bidding to become the first filly since One In A Million in 1979 to complete the 1,000 Guineas-Coronation double.
Fantasize showed she is going the right way by winning on her seasonal debut this year, beating subsequent Lingfield Oaks Trial third Heavenly Bay half a length in a Listed race at Ascot at the end of last month.
We have to draw the line and say it's OK for me to sit here and fantasize about violently raping anybody I want.
Fifty-eight percent of women said they fantasize about sex with coworkers, delivery men, and other dads.
The two groups showed about the same levels of intelligence, psychological health, hypnotizability, and tendency to fantasize, the researchers hold.
Dialogue is broadcast into our earphones and actor-dancers mime in the windows: two spinsters fantasize about go-go boys; newlyweds make love; an old couple spats; a cop grills a suspect; a New York family kvetches; an immigrant adjusts to urban life; an artist throws a trendy party.
Explain the "who, what, where" of the conflict -- Children who do not know the real facts will fantasize their own version of reality, which can create more stress than would occur by a clear and understandable explanation of the actual events.
Ever fantasize about exchanging a few sweet nothings with Richard Hatch (the ``Battlestar Galactica'' guy, not the ``Survivor'' winner), Jimmie Walker (``Good Times'') or Mary McDonough (``The Waltons'')?
Easterners who fantasize about California sliding into the sea may be in for a jolt.
In a nutshell: Reasonably entertaining look at a world about which the public can only fantasize.
It would give them a chance to fantasize that he's batting for their team--if only for two hours
And from an advertisement, "Ever fantasize about being fattened into massive, waddling proportions or about becoming a fattening coach who balloons an eager trainee into a waddling ball of fat?