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Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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I was called a liar and a fantasist," she recalled.
Large and Mullen are fantasists and believed that they had committed the perfect crime.
The first half of the book focuses on two nineteenth-century Scottish fantasists, MacDonald and Robert Louis Stevenson.
Far from being innate semioticians gliding easily from benday dots to the rhetoric of celebrity iconography, they prove to be a group of fantasists living in the sour, dark world of post--World War II Britain and wishing they were elsewhere.
They would simply declare the subject unbroachable away from the dark, fetid corners where drooling child-sex fantasists huddle.
While generations of Tinseltown fantasists have promoted the Southland as an endless summer of sun and fun, Davis sees something quite different.
DUNDEE chairman Bob Brannan has slapped a no-sale sign on his club because he's fed up with fantasists.
It's attracted claimants from across the world, ranging from the credible to the fantasists.
For starters, there was the threat made to Glazer by the Manchester Education Committee, the masked paramilitary fantasists best known for invading reserve games and burning flags.
More often, certainly, than the calculated acts of anointment imagined by the conspiracy fantasists in the art world beyond our walls.
At the moment, a lot of people, particularly in the Republic, want to believe the collusion fantasists, that the attack was a military-style operation involving a lot of people.
but about keeping bridal fantasists off your back for a year or two.
Last year, the Record exposed "Captain Sir" Alan McIlwraith as a chieftain among fantasists.
Before then his work had the effete charm of designer valentines: plump cherubs, posies, pink and blue butterflies, pussycats in confectionary colors, young men with ornamental cocks, and ladies' footwear seemingly designed with fantasists in mind.
At the moment a lot of people, particularly in the Republic want to believe the collusion fantasists, that the attack was a military style operation involving a lot of people.