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a creator of fantasies

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A predatory fantasist with no regard for anyone but himself JUDGE MARK DENNIS ON CHIRON HUTCHINSON
He's a fantasist, credit, he everything Jonathan Lawyers agreed his "criminal benefit" was PS38,666.
But the Record revealed bus driver Woods, 61, from Elderslie, Renfrewshire, is a fantasist who has never served in the armed forces, let alone the elite Parachute Regiment.
The 41-year-old fantasist posed as a security specialist controlling a team of mercenaries watching over the socialite who would withdraw their protection unless cash was handed over.
The deluded fantasist hopes it will be turned into a blockbuster movie with the lead played by a pounds 6million-a-film Oscar winner, or "her off Titanic".
District Judge David Cooper, giving Purdy a three-month prison sentence, told him: "Unfortunately, you are the kind of fantasist who obviously got satisfaction and a sense of importance by pretending to be a significant prosecution witness in a case that attracted a huge amount of public attention.
The event coincided with Malta's Time for Architecture festival, which is supported by the local chamber of architects, and with the opening of an exhibition on the nineteenth-century Maltese Atlantis fantasist Georges Grognet at the National Museum of Fine Arts.
But rather like Marshall McLuhan is commonly misperceived as celebrating a media-drenched culture which, in fact, he abhorred and warned us against, so Orwell is often regarded by those who haven't bothered reading him as a cross between Machiavelli and Stephen King; as some dour fantasist who took perverse delight in imagining the horrors of tyrannical states.
Johnny English is more of a fantasist in that he wants to be a great agent.
Churchill is portrayed as an adventurer, a desperado, a drunk, a fantasist.
The defence at the Lockerbie bombing trial compared the key prosecution witness to the fictional fantasist Walter Mitty yesterday (28 September) and portrayed him as a 'desperate liar'.
English novelist and scholar of Icelandic literature whose works in the genre of romantic fantasy influenced the English fantasist J.
The book features an introduction by Stephen King, whose collaborations with Garris include the top-rated TV adaptations of "The Stand" and "The Shining," and cover art by fantasist and acclaimed artist Clive Barker.
How much Trump is a fantasist and a liar is encapsulated in his deluded belief that he might have been in with a chance of seducing Princess Diana, especially when he resembles a sack of potatoes gone badly to seed.
In fact, legend has it he was besties with the Pope, a practising occultist, a spy and (most likely) a bit of a fantasist who threw wild society bashes attended by everyone from HG Wells to high profile Nazis.