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a creator of fantasies

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FANTASIST Strachan was described as a Walter Mitty character
The 41-year-old fantasist posed as a security specialist controlling a team of mercenaries watching over the socialite who would withdraw their protection unless cash was handed over.
The deluded fantasist hopes it will be turned into a blockbuster movie with the lead played by a pounds 6million-a-film Oscar winner, or "her off Titanic".
The defence at the Lockerbie bombing trial compared the key prosecution witness to the fictional fantasist Walter Mitty yesterday (28 September) and portrayed him as a 'desperate liar'.
The book features an introduction by Stephen King, whose collaborations with Garris include the top-rated TV adaptations of "The Stand" and "The Shining," and cover art by fantasist and acclaimed artist Clive Barker.
The QC went on: "You tell police you think Antoin Duffy is a fantasist off his head on Tramadol," and he replied: "Yes.
I was called a liar and a fantasist," she recalled.
THE ex-girlfriend of comedian and TV presenter Justin Lee Collins was yesterday accused of being a fantasist.
The film paints a chilling portrait of a murderer and fantasist who, in the space of a year, went from hosting fundraising parties for US President Bill Clinton to being convicted of the murder of 56-year-old Charalambos Christodoulides - a gentle loner known as Bambi - because he unwittingly stood in the way of a London property deal.
A FANTASIST who posed as a war hero wearing another soldiers medals at a Midland Remembrance Day parade is off the hook because of a legal mistake.
Detective Chief Inspector Tim Grattan-Kane last night branded Rycroft, 33, "a fantasist and a cowardly killer".
She told Walleed: "I am satisfied you are a liar and a fantasist.
ON 4 March under the headline "BEATLED", we published an article claiming that a High Court judge in the Heather Mills McCartney divorce proceedings had thrown out some of her claims against Paul McCartney as being inadmissible and that she had been exposed in court as a fantasist and a liar about those claims and about her previous public statements, leading her to erupt with rage and shout and rant before breaking down in floods of tears.
Carlson looks at the effect of the Great War on another fantasist, Lord Dunsany, and his updating of the Quixotic romance in Don Rodriquez.
This glorious film (director Zhang Yimou's follow-up to Hero) contains enough plot twists, romance, action and tear-jerking tragedy to gain back even the most disenchanted cinema fantasist.