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  • verb

Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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His six part series, Scully, broadcast on Channel 4, was about a northern footy fan who fantasises that he can see and talk to a footballer he idolises (Kenny Dalglish).
You may fantasise about being kidnapped and forced to have sex, but would never want that to happen for real.
Actually, evidence suggests that people in good relationships will fantasise more than those who are in relationships without trust.
People in good relationships fantasise more than those who are unhappy or in relationships without trust.
Indeed, I think it's wonderful that, after the many years you had together, she's still the focus of your erotic fantasises.
He often fantasises when his sex life isn't great, while women fantasise more when it is great.
When I have sex with my boyfriend I often fantasise about someone else, and I feel guilty.
In studies 95 per cent of men and women say they fantasise in bed.
It's wellrecognised now that people with happy and fulfilling sex lives fantasise more than those who don't.
Often we fantasise to concentrate our minds on what's actually happening to us during lovemaking.