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Synonyms for fantasise

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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My current favourite involves being a serving maid in a big Victorian house and being used as a sex toy by the entire household ' 'I fantasise about controlling a man, dictating when he can'
Leave the snooker and go to the scheduled programmes - leading to sad, braindead, frustrated, urban housewives, who fantasise about doing tricks on the table with Tony Knowles, jamming the switchboard to complain.
Other results from the UK showed that 49% of men fantasise about sex with their best friend's partner and 16% of women think about sex with their boss.
But there are a few ways you can unleash your Anastasia Steele without having to explain the odd bruise to your work colleagues Alix said: "Only 14% of people said they fantasise about using blindfolds and I am not surprised as I don't think it is something people immediately realise they might like to have done to them until their partner does it within a trusting consensual context.
The amount you fantasise isn't an indicator of how good or bad your sex life is.
Two years ago, a Montreal study indicated that, while women's sex fantasies involve their current or previous partners or celebrities, men tend to fantasise about imaginary partners.
Q WHEN I have sex with my new girlfriend I still fantasise about my ex.
WOMEN have revealed who they fantasise about while in bed with their partners - 007 star Daniel Craig and X Factor judge Simon Cowell.
Just under three-quarters of Britons fantasise about having sex with a celebrity, with American actor Brad Pitt topping the list for women at 33 per cent and Australian pop star Kylie Minogue the number one celebrity for men with 18 per cent of the votes.
So we tend to fantasise about a fictional person we call A.
Fantasise LEARN to fantasise, watch a sexy film or read an erotic novel.
Still, it's nice to know that nine per cent just fantasise about kissing and getting romantic.
Given survey indications that 49 per cent of women fantasise about other men during sex and just over half fake orgasms, I'd have expected similar proportions to nod and say 'I know what you mean.
A further four out of ten (43 per cent) fantasise daily about shopping sprees and one in six (16 per cent) fantasises 15 or more times each day about going shopping.
Many men fantasise about older women - it's called the Mrs Robinson syndrome after the Anne Bancroft character in the film The Graduate.