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Synonyms for fantasy

Synonyms for fantasy

the power of the mind to form images

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

a fantastic, impracticable plan or desire

Synonyms for fantasy

fiction with a large amount of imagination in it


something many people believe that is false

indulge in fantasies

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Just be aware if those fantasies go beyond the dark and into the dangerous.
New York City psychoanalyst Anne Erreich suspects that by age 1, infants' attachment styles arise from fantasies, not ideas solely grounded in their experiences as Gopnik proposes.
Before its adventures are over, Barrada's severed head will take flight and deliver a politically subversive message to an astonished populace: You may take solace in fantasies, the head announces, but those fantasies are the source of your oppression.
Although wainscot fantasies are ostensibly set within Primary Reality, they focus on fantastic "invisible or undetected societies living in the interstices of the dominant world" (Clute and Grant 991).
Renaissance Fantasies is a study of a select number of early modern texts that align fantasy with femininity or effeminacy.
Bt-Sports, is very excited about the prospect of offering once in a lifetime hockey fantasies to the world, through our partnership with ebay.
Announced in the press release as "a dialogue between men and women, and their fantasies," the album was released amidst a barrage of publicity; it was John Lennon's first studio album for 5 years and as word spread, excitement was palpable.