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an overhang consisting of the fan-shaped part of the deck extending aft of the sternpost of a ship

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MOST popular are the Common, Comet, Fantail and Shubunkin.
We could tell that the flames were spreading to the starboard side of the ship as well, meaning that the life raft that was tied to the fantail was probably now inaccessible to the distressed crew.
The ship's deck department lowered the RHIB without incident and moved it to the port-side fantail to embark the VBSS team.
About 40 knots of wind blew across the deck, and at least one aircraft on the fantail was turning.
They rigged two mooring legs on the ship's fantail, consisting of anchors, chain and heavy cable attached to two buoys.
Tom Gross, 76, stares from the fantail of the John Brown at picturesque cottages and brightly colored sail boats.
Then the FA Umbro Sunday Cup final follows at 3pm with Liverpool side Fantail meeting FC Houghton Centre, from the North Home Counties Sunday League.
Our jet was parked on the fantail, and I noticed how dark it was out there.
Baptista has even documented a starling simultaneously mimicking two birds--a grey fantail and a kelp gull--with the two sides of its syrinx.
A torpedo was fired at our bow but because we were sitting so high in the water, the torpedo went under our fantail.
Mark Tompkins' Fantail is likely to represent Britain in the mile-and- a-half handicap.
Choose from flamboyant eye colours, theatrical lip and nail shades and a fantail of colours in 17 Hair Mascara to put some sparkle in your locks, priced from pounds 2.