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a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon

an appendage of insects that is capable of injecting venom

canine tooth of a carnivorous animal

hollow or grooved tooth of a venomous snake

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Push-on guards require no additional hardware and are available for 60, 80, 92, 120 and 127mm size fans.
The wooden body fans that run by electricity like normal ceiling fans, have earned him quite popularity here.
The school stopped selling individual Nebraska tickets, so Huskers fans began buying up season ticket packages for $295 just to get the game.
All shelter crews should immediately blow out and seal NBC centrifugal fans.
To avoid cutting or construction, the fan and filter should be the same size, and the fan should have a flat air-intake grate with no obstructions, allowing the filter to fit on it snugly.
Imagine Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, or Bugs Bunny handing out give-aways or hamming it up with fans at your next sport event.
Others like Moe Mitchell, the dreadlocked lead singer of the New York band Cipher, embrace punk's activist philosophy by directly addressing race issues in his music, even though his fans sometimes don't understand his attempts.
They want our money and support, so why can't they acknowledge the lesbian fans filling the stands?
1 fan since his modeling days, long before That '70s Show.
Weiler doesn't show exactly how this bigger pie will benefit fans, and that's the point.
com Highlight Mixer," a new feature that will allow basketball fans to create customized video packages with top plays and highlights from the 2007 NBA All-Star Game and throughout the 2006-07 NBA season directly on NBA.
Rallying around ``Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith,'' fans of ``Star Wars'' have been pouring out of the woodwork practically since the beginning of the year.
For example, several years ago, a basketball team brought a lot of vociferous fans with them to a game on the road.
Short suffered a humiliating defeat, and while Baseball Bill's campaign was admittedly a minor factor, Washington fans could gloat nevertheless.