fanny pack

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a waist pack worn with the pouch in back


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Where fanny packs used to be a good choice for me, I prefer a modern courier-style bag because it stays in place when transferring between seats.
Yet how did history come to paint the fanny pack as an object of contempt?
The robber had taken the victim's bike, before brandishing a knife and demanding the money and fanny pack.
Eagleton's examples frequently miss the mark; his contention that American tourists will "explore the dullest landmarks, listen attentively to the most tedious of guides, and labour their way up and down the most unforgiving flights of stairs," while not inaccurate, might just as well apply to his own countrymen--or pretty much anyone with a fanny pack and a camera.
re TO celebrate the re-release of Irn-Bru's hugely successful "Fanny" TV ad, we're giving you the chance to win a special edition Fanny Pack.
Switch compact fanny pack to a full-blown day tripper in seconds.
I went to a 90s party wearing a fanny pack, and I was like, 'I bet you don't have a fanny pack,' and everyone started sniggering.
I'd been in plenty of churches when I was growing upcarnivals, voting booths, the Sistine Chapel with a fanny pack and a Eurail passbut the first time I pulled up a chair and actually prayed in a church was in November 2009, in Los Angeles.
A Go-Bag can be anything easily carried by one person-a fanny pack, backpack, or small tote, for example.
Only then did Miller pull a handgun from his fanny pack and tire, hitting Sturgill in the chest.
Dust off your fanny pack -- the front-loading pouches are cool again.
A package small enough to fit into your purse, pocket, or fanny pack.
To look at it, you'd never think, "Gun"--unlike the almost telltale large fanny pack.
The filtered blower system fits neatly into a pouch and is similar to a fanny pack.
About the size of a rolled-up poncho, the ventilation unit fits into a small fanny pack that can be attached to a Soldier's load-carrying equipment.