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Synonyms for fan

Synonyms for fan

to move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

one who ardently admires

a person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity

Synonyms for fan

a device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces

an enthusiastic devotee of sports

strike out (a batter), (of a pitcher)

make (an emotion) fiercer

agitate the air

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separate the chaff from by using air currents


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When newspapers reported that Stimpfle had sent a telegram calling on farmers to end the strike, (44) Fred Kennedy, agricultural columnist for the Herald, wrote, "It is all pretty confusing and fanners in the south country may not be interested, but the thirty-day farm delivery strike called by the Alberta Farmers Union at Edmonton is scheduled to end tonight.
A fanner will make his choice based on the rule of utility maximisation.
Fanners are most likely to apply litter at the 4-ton rate and apply fertilizer to supply the balance of the nitrogen the com needs, rather than apply the full 8-ton rate, Tewolde says.
On each of the three days the fanner would go to the field (nyaub ngarau) to slash with his slashing knife (dangol) two or three times along the ground, to "test" the field (nginyam rarau).
Over the past decade, fanners in the San Joaquin valley have converted much of their irrigated acreage to high value fruits and vegetables to mitigate for rising input costs and declining water supplies.
The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) is a not-for-profit organization designed to facilitate and promote access and delivery of appropriate proprietary agricultural technologies for use by resource-poor smallholder fanners in Sub-Saharan Africa.
They have also been working with lotus fanners to lessen the use of pesticides and herbicides--a real problem in Taiwan.
business owners and fanners, and therefore, result in job losses.
assistance will support investments that address the root causes of hunger, improve food security, and permanently reduce the number of chronically hungry and malnourished by sustainably increasing agricultural productivity; linking fanners to markets in order to improve availability of food within countries and across regions; increasing incomes so the poor can purchase enough food; and reducing under-nutrition through targeted interventions that assist the most vulnerable.
Many produce growers and marketers have already found a niche in using Quick Response (QR) codes in their print ads to link shoppers to online information about nutrition, history of the fanners and healthy recipe ideas as well as coupons and discount codes.
However, with autosteer being one of the most expensive technologies available to them, fanners appear less ready to adopt other precision agriculture tools.
This is vital to save the money, time and hard work of fanners from going waste," said Ghulam Hussain, a farmer.
He explained that biofuels are a growth industry for fanners in Southside," Salt tells me, referring to the section of the district bordering North Carolina.
Not surprisingly, the templates significantly expanded the reach of our non-lethal operations as the patrol leaders had more interactions with fanners than the small and often undermanned civil affairs teams (which also allowed them to focus on our larger, battalion-level projects).
PWS&D is working to help small-scale fanners around the world through livestock programs that go beyond just providing animals, but also teach farmers how to provide adequate housing, access veterinary services and ensure their animals are properly fed and cared for.