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As I pulled on the line, the fan would rise and fanlike a tom strutting for a hen.
One card or many fill the frame with vivid color and rich illustrations, or appear fanlike as if in a player's hands, or are turned sideways.
Buss always referred to the Lakers as his extended family, and his players rewarded his fanlike excitement with devotion, friendship and two hands full of championship rings.
The fanlike structure beside the primary star turned into a "comet" whose broad tail issued westward, then curled northward.
Disordered crystallite grains radiate outward from the central core in fanlike units perpendicular to the inner and outer shell surfaces (Figs.
The boy felt the powerful movement of the train beneath him and the lonely austerity and mystery of the dark earth outside that swept past forever with a fanlike stroke, an immortal and imperturbable stillness.
Matt Miller, an 18-year-old from Elon, North Carolina, thought that what works for whales might also increase the efficiency of wind turbines, giant fanlike devices that harness energy from wind to generate electricity.
Moreover, the beam shape is fanlike and the beamwidth seems too wide for target searching function.
ectotherms that live in water and use gills to get oxygen; fleshy filaments that are filled with tiny blood vessels; fanlike structures used for steering, balancing, and moving; those on the top and bottom; hard, thin, overlapping plates that cover the skin).
Crystals are typically white to pinkish orange elongated blades, around 1 mm, in spherical and fanlike groups.
Other award-show contenders were a sculpted dress with alternating tiers of black tulle and white crepe that looked like unfurling petals with a beaded waistline holding the imagined bouquet together, and a red strapless number with tight fabric flowers on the bodice that turned into fanlike tiers on the A-line skirt.
Paired fin development From the preflexion to postflexion stages, the pectoral fins are fanlike, and have a massive fin lobe and surrounding membrane.
The sucker-footed bat does so while clinging to the broad, fanlike leaves of the traveler's palm, a tree native to Madagascar.