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Synonyms for fanlight

a window above a door that is usually hinged to a horizontal crosspiece over the door

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a window in a roof to admit daylight


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a semicircular window over a door or window

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During the months of planning, Dr Allison lobbied tirelessly for floor-length french windows with arched fanlights to let in as much light as possible, an essential part of the treatment.
There are curved fanlights above the communal front door of the building and thin arched windows on either side.
The evidence for the prosecution was to the effect that the prisoner had in both cases effected an entrance through the fanlights above the doors, ransacked the shops and filled his pockets with the articles mentioned in the charge.
There are also matching external glazed aluminium doors with glazed side panels and fanlights.
The windows hang on the wall, and the doors lean against it, like transparent John McCrackens--but not quite, for they show the traces of fanlights and panels, mail slots and locks, and look like doors, despite the inversions made in them by Whiteread's casting process.
Dublin has fascinating buildings, castles, cathedrals and some of these islands' most exquisite Georgian architecture with pillared and brightly painted town houses, boasting wide doors and fanlights.
Elsewhere, opportunistic house wreckers had helped themselves to the magnificent stained glass fanlights and the ornate fireplaces.
n Small windows such as skylights or bathroom fanlights need locks - a thief can get through any gap larger than a human head.
Unique architectural details that typify the art deco style include fitted inset storage cupboards, fanlights above the bedroom doors and inset lights.
Delicate plasterwork and fanlights, fine woodwork, pine floors and period fireplaces are a hallmark of the house.
Luc Sante paints a pretty picture: "The predominant look of New Jersey these days is pale if not pastel, ostensibly cheerful, ornamented with gratuitous knobs and fanlights, manufactured in such a way that clapboard is indistinguishable from fiberglass--the happy meeting of postmodernism and heritage-themed zoning codes.
A steeply pitched roof, a generous supply of multi-pane windows, and fanlights and glass side panels that accent the front entry enhance the grand design of this beautiful home.
In addition, modern builders fix fanlights above the windows, meaning fresher air indoors.
Coloured glass scattered jewelled patterns over walls and floors; and thin sheets of alabaster, casting a honeyed glow, were originally used to glaze arched or circular lights over shuttered windows and fanlights over doors.
No fanlights or bevelled side panels, no stained glass left, it's true, but look at the grillwork: chain link, nests of chicken wire, dreamy Mediterranean swirls globbed with pine-green paint.