fanjet engine

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a jet engine in which a fan driven by a turbine provides extra air to the burner and gives extra thrust

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The light weight, combined with efficient next-generation fanjet engines, allows significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.
Powered by the new BMW/Rolls Royce BR710-48 fanjet engines, the Gulfstream V has reached a speed of Mach .
The lighter frame, aerodynamic design, and use of ultra-efficient fanjet engines will also significantly reduce fuel consumption, and therefore, CO2 emissions.
It features fanjet engines which provide longer range and more power.
Their light weight, combined with ultra-efficient fanjet engines, result in extraordinary fuel efficiency and very low emission of greenhouse gasses.
The fuselage is encircled by one large tilt rotor, which is attached to the four fanjet engines which power the aircraft, causing the tilt rotor's outer ring and its eight blades to spin.
The BR 710 fanjet engines for the Gulfstream V were developed and are manufactured by a new joint venture of BMW and Rolls Royce in Germany.