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That many people advocated and practiced production of these fancywork projects does not mean universal acceptance.
Interpreted in the fancywork tradition, nature was as managed and domesticated as the rest of the interior.
Despite the antagonism that fancywork aroused in many people (and without question a lot of people, for varied reasons, detested the whole concept) it was an attribute of the domestic ideal of woman, the "Angel in the House," and integral to concepts of femininity.
Like many of the textile arts, fancywork utilized what has been termed polychromic time, "interactive, multitasked, social, and in flux, rather than linear or goal-oriented.
Many fancywork projects, such as conework, have affinities to traditional craft where materials are important in working within tradition (Fig.
Apart from pleasure in making, fancywork offered practical benefits, especially moneymaking opportunities.
Society's expectation that specific character traits would be taught through incorporation of nature into homes found frequent expression in natural history fancywork.
Precise directions, which are typical of fancywork projects, teach an individual to follow instructions without questioning them, a habit ideal for social control.
40) Acquisition of shells did not require a trip to the seaside, merely a jaunt into town to browse the shelves of fancywork stores.
Fish scale embroidery must have been one of the most painstaking types of fancywork.
Women's supposed passion for luxury objects and Africans supposed veneration of fetishes meet in the fancywork handkerchief, the perfect prop for Iago's conflation of stereotypical female desire for luxury imports with the thirst for novelty that allegedly leads Desdemona to desire an exotic man.
The report explained the current application of embroidery and fancywork lessons, which is thought to have affected the Turkish girls' schools so much as being rather elaborate and educationally unprofitable (Talbot & Cape, 1913, p.
Andrea Kolasinski is currently a doctoral student studying American- Victorian women 's fancywork at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she received her M.
They applaud each other's attempts at fancywork and laugh together when somebody takes a belly-flop.
There were more foulards, fleur-de-lis and fancywork.