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He always had fancy women, even when my mum was dying," says Bob.
I don't only fancy women, I want to be a woman - Entertainer Eddie Izzard.
Once your thinking is clearer you will find it easier to understand things - like whether you really fancy women.
fast cars and fancy women, flash clothes and freedom.
We had a row because I couldn't stand the amount of time he spent online looking at porn or talking to his fancy women.
He told the other contestants: "I fancy men and I fancy women.
Suzy had spent at least five years fighting her sexuality believing that it couldn't be right for her to fancy women.
Men who fancy other men come in as wide a variety of shapes, sizes and mannerisms as men who fancy women.
Anna is a well-meaning, goody two shoes who happens to fancy women in uniform;
Not much help to the rest of us who hate men most of the time, but don't fancy women either.
I like women with strong personalities who can keep me in my place and I always tend to fancy women who look like Glynis.