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someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

a woman's lover


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Also the implications of the gender-bending, ignored in many productions, are here exposed, men fancy men and women fall for women, and in this swinging milieu it's no big deal.
WOMEN fancy men more if they see other females admiring them, says a study.
Sam confessed the couple, who both fancy men, might face problems in if one of them meets someone else.
Um, excuse me please, but I think you're meant to fancy men, not women.
I was shocked when he came out because I had no inkling my strapping six-foot, 15-stone boy could ever fancy men.
Sometimes, though, I can't figure out what Kristina sees in her fancy men.
He told the other contestants: "I fancy men and I fancy women.
WOMEN fancy men with Glasgow accents, a survey claimed yesterday.
No, the trouble is that I have started to fancy men as well as women.
in fact, he's the only gay man in history who doesn't fancy men and never has sex with them.
IF she stops shaving her armpits - she doesn't fancy men any more.