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someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

a woman's lover


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Paul Tonkinson: Fancy Man, Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline See March 17.
Your marriage isn't under threat from any fancy man but from your green-eyed monster.
A star- studded cast has been put together for this story about a team of grifters -that's the gangland term for hustlers to you and me -who apparently got back together for one last job after Mickey `Bricks'Stone was released from prison after attacking his estranged wife's fancy man.
I have to say, though, I still fancy Man United to win the league.
You vote: 57 per cent of you still fancy Man Utd for the title despite their slip up at Chelsea.
Totally shocked to turn on the telly when I came back and find Sean Hughes - the former cutting-edge comedian and team captain on Never Mind The Buzzcocks - completely miscast as Eileen's fancy man on Coronation Street.
Jason and Lynne, Phil and Lisa, that cabbie's missus and her fancy man, Martin and that annoying new bird.
Martin and Asif are sure that Pauline has a fancy man and decide to follow her.
However if you fancy Man United first and City runners-up, that's 9/4, while City on top and United in second, just like 1968, is 11/4.
They think he was a fool not to fight for her when she abandoned him 15 years ago to live with her fancy man.
Well-meaning Melanie hears 16-year-old Kevin has been beaten up by his mother's fancy man and crosses the tracks from her leafy Newcastle suburb to visit him at his run-down home.
Then to make things worse we have your fancy man telling you to chuck her out - a teenager who has just gone through a terribly traumatic event.
Forgotten now are the accusations of being a fancy man, a diver and a one-trick pony.