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goods that are chiefly ornamental

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The upper floors of the center offer carpets, furniture, textiles and jewelry, clothes, shoes, fabrics and baby products, perfumes and household chemicals, stationery and fancy goods, consumer electronics, tableware, etc.
They find a lot of fancy goods at very competitive prices.
Rice, a history of the city near the turn of the 20th century, claims it as the state's premier dry goods store, which also did "jobbing'' and importing and handled "everything comprehended under the general head of dry and fancy goods, from the artistic fabrics, embroideries, laces, etc.
This featured toys and fancy goods on shelves and in a large display cabinet.
The first floor sold drapery, fancy goods, greetings cards, records, toys, china, paints, household and electrics.
He has made the trip several times in the past year selling perfumes, fancy goods and shoes imported by containers from his country on the pavement in Port-Louis.
1 Seafood and potato dish (8) 5 Decorative fringed tuft (6) 10 Fancy goods (5-6) 16 Taken - - -, surprised (5) 18 Two-humped camel (8) 19 Former superpower, - - - Union (6) 20 Coastal village, - - - of Lochalsh (4) 22 Chemically unreactive (5) 23 Spanish lady (6) 24 High-speed warship (7) 25 Dangerous position (3,4) 26 Me Too
Waitrose only, with a Harvey Nicks top-up for fancy goods.
Mr Simms said his uncle had had the shop premises for 40 years, keeping it open through various business ventures, including a dress maker's and a fancy goods shop.
We desperately need more clothes, books, fancy goods, electrical items and even small furniture donations such as coffee tables.
In business he started out as a fancy goods wholesaler 45 years ago.
Suitable for cakes, doughnuts and all fancy goods they include assorted sugar strands, sugar nuts, chocolate strands and vermicelli light and dark chocolate, a host of jelly pieces, in drops and slices, as well as honeycomb nuggets.
147) were omitted from this study since they consisted largely of domestic goods such as brushes, fans, mirrors, silverware, cutlery, ornaments, and fancy goods of metal, ivory, wood and leather.
Peddlers, suggests Fontaine, helped to create a market for fancy goods and consumer items.
After serving in the army during the American Civil War, he returned to Boston, where he established himself as a "dealer in dry and fancy goods.