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Synonyms for fancy


wish for


be attracted to



fancy yourself


  • think you are God's gift
  • have a high opinion of yourself
  • think you are the cat's whiskers

take a fancy to something or someone


  • start liking
  • like
  • want
  • be fond of
  • hanker after
  • have a partiality for

Synonyms for fancy

the power of the mind to form images

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

a desire for a particular thing or activity

the passionate affection and desire felt by lovers for each other

complexly detailed

catering to, used by, or admitting only the wealthy or socially superior

to find agreeable

Synonyms for fancy

something many people believe that is false

a kind of imagination that was held by Coleridge to be more casual and superficial than true imagination

a predisposition to like something

Related Words

have a fancy or particular liking or desire for

Related Words

not plain


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Traditional pastry specialist Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese, Westerkappeln (Fax: 49-5404-884222), though it has been in the business for more than 20 years, continues to bring a variety of fancy cakes to the market.
An afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and fancy cakes kept Gloria and the PCC and her willing helpers very busy throughout the afternoon.
They were particularly well-known for their little, fancy cakes.
In the end we settled on tea bread, scones and fancy cakes which can be eaten with fingers, but of course what she chose to select was entirely up to her," said Pauline Russell, assistant secretary of Solihull WI.
Knitting is back in vogue, as is cooking and letter writing and swanky bars are seeing an upsurge in demand for afternoon tea and fancy cakes.
Scrutiny committee chairmen have taken to entertaining contacts to a regular feast of cucumber sandwiches, pastries, fancy cakes and expensive coffee and teas from far-away lands, it is claimed.
The company has also launched some small, fancy cakes that it calls "Sweet Dreams.
A bakery prep area like ours is not really set up to produce super fancy cakes," says Keil.
Today, the Newcastle Road dealership in South Shields, is asking staff and customers to support the world's biggest coffee morning by making a small donation for every cup of coffee they have at the dealership's cafe, in addition to being given the opportunity to purchase a number of fancy cakes and treats.
The Countess of Wessex visited Solihull yesterday to officially open the new WI hall in Warwick Road and tuck into scones, tea bread and fancy cakes.
Children joined the bidding for the fancy cakes and giant pumpkins.
There were long tables set up down the middle of the street, and everything you could have wished for was on the tables: lemonade, cakes, sponges, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, bread, fancy cakes and more.
I HAVE a reputation in our family as a bit of a Jane Asher and am always being asked to bake fancy cakes for weddings, christenings and birthdays.
The brothers had taken advantage of a Sunday afternoon relaxation of the rules under which inmates from other wings were allowed to visit prisoners in A-wing while prison officers served tea, fruit and fancy cakes.
For dessert, Kitchens of Sara Lee, Bramlee, Ontario, has introduced a series of fancy cakes for the upscale restaurant trade.