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Synonyms for fancy


wish for


be attracted to



fancy yourself


  • think you are God's gift
  • have a high opinion of yourself
  • think you are the cat's whiskers

take a fancy to something or someone


  • start liking
  • like
  • want
  • be fond of
  • hanker after
  • have a partiality for

Synonyms for fancy

the power of the mind to form images

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

a desire for a particular thing or activity

the passionate affection and desire felt by lovers for each other

complexly detailed

catering to, used by, or admitting only the wealthy or socially superior

to find agreeable

Synonyms for fancy

something many people believe that is false

a kind of imagination that was held by Coleridge to be more casual and superficial than true imagination

a predisposition to like something

Related Words

have a fancy or particular liking or desire for

Related Words

not plain


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Perhaps it has something to do with a weird sense we have of ourselves: there is something laughable about singing our songs in a certain way, as if the songs--or perhaps we ourselves--are not worthy of such fanciness.
Lacking the technical knowledge to know whether this space was suitable for a day care, he fell back on the commonsense notion of fanciness to make his judgement.
The Greeks started it, then the Romans made it a bit more fancy - then came the Renaissance period and all sorts of fanciness.
Likewise, Louis Vega, executive chef at Oakmont Country Club in Glendale, said he sees a lot of fans of food sometimes called ``fusion cuisine'' fooled by fanciness.
Again, fanciness isn't important, but the building should keep the flock at a comfortable 55 [degrees] to 85 [degrees].