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in a fanciful manner


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Some have great broad stone staircases leading down to the water, with heavy stone balustrades ornamented with statuary and fancifully adorned with creeping vines and bright-colored flowers--for all the world like a drop curtain in a theatre, and lacking nothing but long-waisted, high-heeled women and plumed gallants in silken tights coming down to go serenading in the splendid gondola in waiting.
This last yeoman carried three stout bows of yew tree, two fancifully inlaid with silver and one with gold.
He was unaware of her gaze, and she watched him intently, speculating fancifully about the strange warp of soul that led him, a young man with signal powers, to fritter away his time on the writing of stories and poems foredoomed to mediocrity and failure.
Species and groups of species, which are called aberrant, and which may fancifully be called living fossils, will aid us in forming a picture of the ancient forms of life.
The ear may be regarded, fancifully, as a lichen, umbilicaria, on the side of the head, with its lobe or drop.
And so, Harry begins supplying Osnard with information about the Panamanian government, dissident activity in the country and Japanese interest in the canal, information that is really rumor, speculation and fancifully imagined bunk, spun off from Harry's hyperactive mind.
He fancifully reimagines the legend of a young girl who died of rabies in long-ago colonial days and gained a reputation as a saint.
And increasingly, many businesses in addition to the pottery workshops proudly announce their locations with fancifully painted plaques.
The latest additions to the annual diary are yet more fancifully named.
Chitty's high-tech metal-mesh scaffolding successfully conveyed an underlying atmosphere of terror, and her fancifully evocative costumes created memorable images: updated Soviet-style uniforms for Turandot's Amazon guards, black leather outfits for the wonderfully melodious trio of Ping, Pang and Pong (Earle Patriarco, Doug Jones and Timothy Robinson), yellow costumes for all--and superb lighting by Dominique Bruguiere--for the sunrise scene.
It is useful to keep this failing in mind when visionaries speak fancifully about ``building a new society,'' this one based on the natural goodness of humans.
And there appears to be a grave danger of Hatton taking Malignaggi lightly, with members of his camp continuing to talk fancifully of a future rematch against the currently retired Floyd May weather jnr.
Hotel Mansion Tarahumara, Posada Barrancas, is a well-run, fancifully turreted structure with comfortable individual villas.
Johnson may be better off reading some other people's words before indulging in fancifully writing her own.
He "kinda" gave up golf until he turned 50, when, he admits rather fancifully, he hoped he could become good enough to play in The Senior Open and take on the top professionals.