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An exploration of how progress can come and go in cycles, and the satisfaction of hard work that far outshines the fanciest luxury, The Prairie Tides is down-to-earth wholesome American reading.
Heilman says eliminating debt can free people to do what many of them long to do--not to live in the fanciest house in town but to serve other people.
I turned him down, but for the next four years he wooed me; at intervals he would call and take me to lunch, usually at one of the fanciest places in town.
Burch colposuspension isn't the newest or fanciest of the ever-expanding surgical options for treating urinary stress incontinence, but it does have a solid place in the surgical armamentarium for this condition, Matthew Barber, M.
At their Westborn Gun Shop, an entire showcase shelf is devoted to Kimber pistols, ranging from plain vanilla to the fanciest guns in the catalog.
My real name is Jane Ann Smith, which isn't the fanciest name in the world.
December is the month when New Orleans flaunts its heritage like a Creole belle showing off her fanciest gown.
Most of us instinctively want the fanciest model available, with all the "bells and whistles.
A six-cup-a-day addict, I have sipped the elixir in places as varied and as pricey as Bedouin tents in the Arabian Desert and coffee shops atop Japan's fanciest hotels.
a bathroom battle to Invent the fanciest one of these.
They don't have to be the fanciest players, but we will be looking to players with core skills,' Smith said.
But make no mistake, experts say the fanciest diploma and $2.
Stan Douglas's hard-to-follow sequence of holograms portraying fairy tales and Shirin Neshat's pretentious two-screen projection of a veiled woman in a garden confirm that even the fanciest production values can't redeem an indifferent idea.
But what if I told you that the octopus has the biggest, fanciest nervous system of any invertebrate?