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shaped in the form of a fan

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It began to brighten and showed up as a fan-shaped area with a small tail.
An expensive but delicious shellfish with a delicate taste, scallops have two fan-shaped shells containing rounds of firm white flesh.
The most impressive physical feature of this fan-shaped lichen is that the main body turns green when wet.
The lake will be host to fan-shaped water fountains acting as projection screens and the skies will provide a canvas for smoke features, and writing lasers.
All's Well That Ends Well will be the first play broadcast from the largest of the National's three theatres, the Olivier, with its fan-shaped auditorium and open stage.
Threaded through a fan-shaped structure that gives bathers a degree of shelter and privacy, the sun heats sufficient water for two people to bathe.
New to the wash-down area in the racecourse stables will be the Equi-shower, an adjustable system that delivers hot and cold water over the top of the horse by three fan-shaped flows.
The 35ft creature had a fan-shaped bony crest on its skull filled with nasal passages.
The Regent cinema was allowed to keep two souvenirs - a mirrored bar and two illuminated art deco fan-shaped facades.
Yes, instead of round holes, there is a slit that produces a twin fan-shaped fuel spray pattern that is more widely dispersed than is ordinarily the case, which helps in the optimization of the mixture of air and fuel.
They are prized for their fan-shaped leaves, which turn from green to bright yellow or golden in autumn, but drop quickly.
Its universal back plate accommodates most 42" and 48" rectangular and fan-shaped backboards and meets both NCAA and NFHS specifications.
Delta: A fan-shaped accumulation of rich soil and sand deposited at the mouth of a river, broken up by streams.
The double doors on the left-hand side of the vehicle open to reveal a fan-shaped ''revolving open studio'' equipped with a counter, audio gear and other fixtures to the left, and a fan-shaped ''revolving merchandise showcase'' to the right.