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shaped in the form of a fan

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Unfortunately, things turned for the worse when the comet's nucleus seemed to begin to dim, instead of brightening further, and subsequently the nucleus began to elongate, showing up as an extended line rather than a point ahead of a fan-shaped tail.
A second diamond drill is positioned deeper in the mine on the 975 level and will complete a fan-shaped array of holes targeting the 16 and 785N zones, which are two sub-parallel gold-bearing quartz vein systems located some 50 m from each other.
It was so bright and almost a fan-shaped object, half the size of the moon.
The pectoralis major is a large, fan-shaped muscle that covers much of the upper part of the front of the chest.
The key cells are found in an area of the fly brain known as the dorsal fan-shaped body.
An expensive but delicious shellfish with a delicate taste, scallops have two fan-shaped shells containing rounds of firm white flesh.
The lake will be host to fan-shaped water fountains acting as projection screens and the skies will provide a canvas for smoke features, and writing lasers.
Mounted above powered conveyors, VIPAC D2 uses sensors to emit fan-shaped laser beams, which objects traveling through reflect back.
Katherine Jenkins looked stunning in this sculpted lilac gown, accessorised with a cute fan-shaped clutch and classically waved hair.
Threaded through a fan-shaped structure that gives bathers a degree of shelter and privacy, the sun heats sufficient water for two people to bathe.
The 35ft creature had a fan-shaped bony crest on its skull filled with nasal passages.
Yes, instead of round holes, there is a slit that produces a twin fan-shaped fuel spray pattern that is more widely dispersed than is ordinarily the case, which helps in the optimization of the mixture of air and fuel.
The product is applied with a fan-shaped nozzle, specifically designed to provide easy, hands-free and consistent product application.
They are prized for their fan-shaped leaves, which turn from green to bright yellow or golden in autumn, but drop quickly.