fan vaulting

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an elaborate system of vaulting in which the ribs diverge like fans

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In today's world we are used to the architectural envelope being built up as a series of layers; the development of the fan vault is therefore not only of historical interest, but also as a very early precursor from a bygone masonry era.
The fan vault is seen as an installed secondary skin whereby its beauty is differently understood to that of the ambition of the Gothic vault.
The fan vault as an installed structure resulted from the intermittent financing of staged building programmes, particularly the restorations and adaptions of the much earlier Norman stone church building programmes that after the Conquest replaced the timber framed structures of the Anglo Saxons.
Freed from the geometry of a ribbed vault, the fan vault was able to take on the decoration of the time, particularly designs based on the ogee curve and what medieval historian John Harvey named reticulated tracery: each block of the rotated arched surface being cut to receive the dendritic patterns associated with nature.
It is not a true fan vault in its construction but is made up of a series of stepped and cantilevered blocks cut on the underside to form the appearance of vaulting.
Domes, squinches, pendentives, fan vaults and cross vaults combine to create a renewed awareness of historical possibilities.