fan tan

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a Chinese gambling game

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The growing market in Macau is for Asian table games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Fan Tan, Fish-Prawn-Crab and Sic-Bo Cussec as these games have wider acceptance in the Asian market than Western games such as poker or slots.
One novel aspect of Chinatown is Fan Tan Alley, a narrow passage between brick buildings, where little shops carry imports, clothing and musical instruments.
Vogal's gaming chapter also contains sections on horse racing, sports book and lotteries, with appendices listing the legal status of dozens of activities from charitable bingo to telephone betting, plus a section covering international gaming exotica such as Pai Go, Fan Tan, Sic Bo, Trente-et-quarante and more.
Nearby Fan Tan Gallery (541 Fisgard) offers French soap, Indian textiles, and Thai jewelry.
Er eu bod yn disgwyl llond trol o ``grwpis'', yn amlach na pheidio, yn ol Dewi, ``bydde Charlie (y drymiwr) a finne'n eistedd yn nghefn y fan tan y deuai plismon atom a dweud ``Right, come on boys.