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a Chinese gambling game

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Tras su deceso se publico la novela Fan Tan, escrita en los anos 70 con la colaboracion del pintor, director, productor y escritor Donald Cammell, quien ponia en papel las escenas que Brando iba interpretando para dar vida a su personaje: Annie Doultry, un aventurero envuelto en lios con piratas y muy parecido a Brando: gordo, de mediana edad y mujeriego.
Fan Tan Alley, off Fisgard, is the tiniest street in town.
From Fan Tan Alley, Canada's narrowest street, to tiny cafes, Hidden British Columbia provides a quality travel experience to any heading to the region, and makes for a perfect tote as well as a at-home planner.
9524HOLLYWOOD star Marlon Brando and director Donald Cammell collaborated to create this novel Fan Tan about pirates on the high seas.
One novel aspect of Chinatown is Fan Tan Alley, a narrow passage between brick buildings, where little shops carry imports, clothing and musical instruments.