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a letter that is a piece of fan mail

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She said: "Every single fan letter I get from a girl says, `Thank you for not selling your music with your body.
A dozen lines Ronald Reagan scribbled from the set of a World War II propaganda movie in response to a fan letter from a 13-year-old Philadelphia girl began a pen pal relationship that lasted half a century.
He says: "She sent me this freaky fan letter in weird handwriting and enclosed was a photo of a guy's bald head.
Before his cancer surgery earlier this year - when the sheer volume of well-wishing mail necessitated a public thank you - he made it a point to answer every fan letter personally.
The star said the harassment began after he answered a fan letter and sent signed photographs.
AMONGST all the hate mail, I get the odd fan letter.
One of my close friends is Flora Maxwell-Stuart, whom I met after she wrote me a fan letter, telling me how much she enjoyed my books.
When Barbara Hershey saw the movie ``The Piano,'' she was so impressed she wrote a fan letter to its director, Jane Campion.
Billy Connolly watched the fight live halfway across the world and The Big Yin was so impressed by Docherty's gutsy showing that he felt compelled to write his first-ever fan letter.
Karen, of Oberhausen, posted him a fan letter, which said: "Dear Elvis, It's my birthday soon and if you send me your autograph I promise I will marry you when I grow up.
And a fan letter from a 12-year-old Fidel Castro to the occupant of the White House in 1940: ``My good friend Roosevelt.
But the site, which boasts a fan letter from honorary member Chris Tarrant, isn't resting on its laurels.
The rousing, thoughtful words may have impressed President Bush, who hung them on the wall of the Oval Office, and Prince Charles, who wrote a fan letter to Collins.
She ended their four-year marriage after sending a FAN LETTER to 6ft3in Jeter.
She began by recalling a fan letter she received some time ago from an elderly gentleman who thanked her for writing a book that was, in his words, "full of stories.