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a solo dance in which large fans are manipulated to suggest or reveal nakedness

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Later a friend of mine from university said he was doing the Fan Dance and I decided I wanted to do it with him.
The Fan Dance sounded like a particularly challenging event so it's a real credit to Rob that his friends wanted to take part in it, in his memory.
DANCE DREAM: Siyao Rui, performing a traditional Chinese fan dance in a warehouse in Cotton Street, Vauxhall.
The boys performed a martial arts style Fan Dance that was directed by Chien-Hui Shen, a former martial arts gold medallist in his native Taiwan.
This delectable candor, unfortunately, makes it all the more disappointing on those occasions when Carlson, making like Sally Rand doing her fan dance, throws a thin veil of discretion over his tales.
At the Blue Angel Exotic Cabaret, just around the corner from New York University, see Miss Bonnie Dunn do her fan dance.
Donegan's tape has the tease level of a fan dance, where everything is suggested and nothing is revealed.
Festivities include a Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese Ribbon Dance, Chinese Ching Palace Dance, Korean Drum Dance, Korean Sword Dance, Korean Fan Dance and Korean Puppet Dance--
The audience were also impressed with the Buchaechum, a fan dance widely popular since it is one of Korea's representative dances.
Hundreds saw the Elton John fan dance to Tiny Dancer at the Sara's Hope Foundation annual black-tie ball at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead.
Jane Davies, 31, and Maria Golightly, 40, have been taking part in the Fan Dance, a notorious 24km trek over the Pen y Fan mountain in the Brecon Beacons, the highest peak in South Wales.
Also a mini concert, featuring African drumming, sitar and table recitals, Kathak dance, Chinese fan dance, Bengali songs, Asian and Bollywood dance and a performance "Tiger Child" by children from Stoke Park Primary School plus lots more.
Luckily, I think the years of training as a ballerina helped in this film, with the posture, the grace and teaching Sayuri how to do the fan dance,'' says Yeoh, who plays Sayuri's mentor Mameha.
Unlike the fan dance, it won't ruffle any feathers among the more prudish
But I cannot remember - and believe me I would have remembered - the crooner then appearing in glittering gold pants and matching boots only and performing a fan dance.