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blade of a rotating fan

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I found one guy who built a vacuum and trailer using an existing vacuum with aluminum fan blades which eventually broke.
Traditionally, in order to implement this model, all the unknown parameters must be known in advance, the fan wheel outlet side diameter D, the fan blade installation angle [[beta].
According to JAA, a fan blade in one of the four engines broke and penetrated the engine cover.
The Clairion Air Cleaning Fan features electret arbon filter cartridges that mount directly into each fan blade.
This requirement was apparently triggered by an ammonia leak caused by a fan blade failure which would have been avoided had a vibration monitor shut it down.
Kansas State's Byron Jones says you won't feel much cooling beyond four diameters of the fan blade.
The company has developed new fan blade designs and materials processing technologies that meet all safety and certification requirements while providing world-class aerodynamic efficiency levels compared with any other fan in service including composite blades of the same size class.
Any dirt or mud caked on the fan blade screen stops the air flow that carries heat away from the radiator.
9 million) facility, to be located on the Isle of Wight, is part of the Environmental Lightweight Fan research program, "which aims to prove advanced, high-rate production processes for a new all-composite engine fan blade that will improve aircraft engine performance and reduce emissions.
critical fan blade containment test, during which a fan blade is deliberately
An inquiry established that a broken-off fan blade inside the engine had caused the initial engine failure.
To emphasize his point, Barnhard handed the Congressmen an assortment of metalcastings that included a hip replacement joint, a heart valve, a petroleum valve, an ergonomic control handle used in agriculture, a fan blade for mining equipment and a part used by the U.
Rolls-Royce today filed an amended complaint alleging infringement by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) of the Rolls-Royce swept fan blade patent in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in the United States.
Aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce (LSE:RR) stated yesterday that it has filed an amended complaint alleging infringement by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) (NYSE:UTX) of its swept fan blade patent.
GRAC uses a manufacturing cell concept for the fan blade production.