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a belt driven by the crankshaft that drives a fan that pulls air through the radiator

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but I said 'I'm only going to saw the fan belt off her.
It also features a new Poty-V belt drive system that reduces the need for fan belt maintenance.
Reinventing companies is a complex and difficult process, one roughly akin to changing a fan belt while the motor is still running.
Future studies will test fan output on light baffles, fan belt condition, dust, and static pressure.
Squealing: A loose fan belt or loose fan/air-conditioning compressor belt.
An intake of water to the air box resulted in a misfire and lack of power while a lost fan belt, damage to the rear bumper and a broken exhaust bracket led to a busy day for the team with constant checks required due to the conditions.
I was 22, a slim, fearless, cosmopolitan party chick, who wore skirts that could double as a fan belt for a Hoover.
If your heating system is making a high pitched noise, is turning on and off too frequently or not turning off, you may have a problem with internal components such as the fan belt, oil bearings or heat anticipator.
Grease fittings that lube the fan bearing and fan belt tightener are hard to find.
Angry and rejected Nikki Young cut the brake pipes and fan belt on his former girlfriend Tammy Short's sister's car.
He proffered a fan belt, a rotor arm and a battery charger.
But they experience an unsettling encounter with a mysterious trucker and, next morning, the car's fan belt is broken.
Molds - fan belt Akromold (Goderich) Consolidated Mold & Mfg.
It's electrically operated rather than running off the engine fan belt, which means it can continue to operate even when the petrol engine is off and the car is running on electric power alone.
When it comes to planning, it's often been said that implementing new plans is a lot like changing a fan belt while the engine is running.