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a close attendant (as to a scholar)

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Interestingly, the word famulus in Latin means "slave"--a reminder that the successful raising of families requires constant servitude of parents to nurture the growth and development of their children.
Yet it should be remembered that, when Adorno ultimately dubbed Stockhausen and Goeyvaerts "Adrian Leverkuhn and sein Famulus," it was Goeyvaerts whom he saw as Faustus, with Stockhausen--who laudably endeavored to explain this alien music to the leading philosopher of the new music--relegated to the position of the great composer's exegete.
Famulus "evcil kole" anlamina gelir ve familia, bir tek adama ait bulunan kolelerin butunu demektir (Engels, 2008: 45, 66-69).
The word family comes from the Latin word familia and from the words famulus which is servant, and famula which is servant or maid.
I brought the program back to the University of Wisconsin (UW) and was able to convince the University, which at that time had a rather crude information retrieval program that was being used by the biology department, to adopt Famulus for their own internal needs.
Famulus, vt asseruit, Petri Paolo, cum quo habitauit circiter duos annos, et antea in Jnsula de Gynney, vbi natus erat, etatis xxti Annorum aut circiter libere, vt dicit, condicionibus testis etc.
The specially designed and packaged shirts are manufactured in conjunction with specialist music merchandising company Famulus Editions of London and will only be available in limited editions of 500, initially offered exclusively online only to the registered members of http://www.