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The next famous person with Parkinson disease who appeared multiple times on the cover of Time was Generalissimo Francisco Franco (Fig.
You have to consider, will being in the same room as this famous person with 50 other kids really help you as an individual become a better dancer?
I think it's because the first famous person I ever met was Imelda Marcos.
In this atmosphere, the only plausible motivations for a famous person to expose himself at length to an independent reporter are masochism and impenetrable self-regard.
Most YA readers enjoy the lives of celebrities, and this foray into the world of a daughter of a famous person, with the pitfalls of never knowing if someone really likes you--or is just trying to get close to your famous mother--will be entertaining in itself.
Ashlee Simpson is not the only famous person to have experienced GERD-related voice problems.
LONG before Big Brother win- ner Pete Bennett thrust Tourette's Syndrome into the spotlight, the most famous person with the condition was John Davidson, the subject of two fascinating documenta- ries - and now a third.
That's always the way it has been at Casa Vega, where the lights are so low and the drinks so strong, you never really know what famous person is shrouded off in the corner booth.
Montel Williams, the national talk show personality, who may well be the nation's most famous person with MS, has stepped up to the plate to help.
In a study directed by Keenan, adults with no known brain impairment viewed images that gradually transformed from their own faces into the face of a famous person such as Marilyn Monroe or Bill Clinton.
And a very famous person is pictured on one of the photographs - and no, it isn't Gordon (pictured top) or class teacher Miss Matthews (below).
As the most famous person in the sport, his very presence on TV promotes it beyond usual boundaries, to a wider audience.
THE first famous person I ever met was Bernard Manning.
A short biography of a famous person with some connection to the river is included in each chapter.
The judge added: "There is no such thing as a general right by a famous person to control the reproduction of their image.