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As of now, there is no other candidate who has the record, the experience and proven results of working with Californians to improve access to family-planning services.
Twenty-eight workers manage the government family-planning service-delivery system in the five unions.
In addition to the government programme, the NGOs, which had an additional 13 field workers involved in service-delivery, had also some provision of family-planning service.
The major sources of data were family-planning workers and clients and observations of family-planning services at the government satellite clinics.
The CCHP staff collected information from the government family-planning workers, clients, and service facilities, including satellite clinics, through continuous informal interactions and observations for nearly 18 months in three of the five unions (lowest administrative unit with 10,000-15,000 population living in 15-20 villages).
The informal observations focused on interactions of the family-planning workers and the clients in terms of motivational activities, services offered, information shared, responses to complaints made by family-planning method users about side-effects, and regularity in holding the satellite clinics.
07% of the total 1,889 eligible respondents) were practising family-planning methods at the time of interview.
Reasons for non-use of family-planning methods The respondents cited a variety of reasons for not using family-planning methods.
These were conferred in recognition of his innovative family-planning programs.
Without guidance from the government, many Romanian doctors have been more enthusiastic about the more lucrative work of performing abortions than about recommending family-planning measures, said Daniela Draghica, one of the administrators of 12 pilot family-planning clinics in Romania opened in 1995 and financed by the U.
Now the only thing that was going on previously was a program in India which took place almost from the outset of the organization - because the then-minister of health of India was a woman, not a doctor, who was formerly secretary to Mahatma Gandhi, and she was a converted Catholic dead set against any kind of family-planning programs in India.
I knew her well, and she was a charming person and certainly a great supporter of WHO; but her being a converted Catholic made her more Catholic than the pope, and she refused to support any kind of family-planning program.