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The Bush administration--like previous Republican administrations since President Ronald Reagan--had restricted such family-planning aid to nongovernmental organizations that had no abortion-related activities in their family-planning programs.
Deukmejian cut funding for family-planning services twice during his administration, and at that time California experienced some of its highest rates of teen pregnancy on record.
But it is for its family-planning work that the PDA is best known.
This policy effectively legislates how family-planning organizations in other countries may spend their own money, treat their patients and lobby their governments regarding women's reproductive health-even in countries where abortion is legal.
Davis - a breast cancer survivor who describes herself as "pro-life," but has voted against anti-abortion measures she sees as interfering with the doctor-patient relationship - pushed her colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee to restore the family-planning funding slashed from the budget in the last legislative session, arguing that the GOP was alienating women.
Re ``White House blocks funds for family-planning program'' (July 23):
The proposal was put on hold, and participation in family-planning programs was instead decided on a case-by-case basis.
An information coalition is forming to help combat the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church to desperately needed national and international family-planning and population-growth-control programs.
In a narrow victory for the Clinton administration, the House approved a measure Thursday to speed up the release of money for family-planning programs overseas.
Then later on, the Belgians became very much involved and it was the Belgian and Irish delegates - the chief delegates - who went to Brock Chisholm and demanded that he make a clear statement to the assembly that he would not propose any family-planning programs in any of the annual programs and budget of the organization.