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Synonyms for structure

Synonyms for structure

a usually permanent construction, such as a house or store

to create by combining parts or elements

Synonyms for structure

a thing constructed

a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing

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These 2005-15 shifts in family structure look too modest to explain the wealth shortfalls experienced by minority college graduates.
the model all but eliminates the estimated relationship between single-parent family structure and educational attainment, suggesting that differences in parental income play a key role in the educational disadvantage facing students raised in single-parent families.
A consistent problem with research assessing the relationship between family structure and children's attainment outcomes has been the reliance on cross-sectional, short-term, and retrospective data.
Daniel Potter concluded that any change in the family structure, but particularly divorce, severely impacts elementary children's academic performance in math and reading in contrast to the intact family.
Although not all non-traditional family compositions are represented here, acknowledging their presence as legitimate family structures is important in providing responsive prenatal care and education.
Family Values in Turkey" survey laid down a series of suggestions to improve the family structure in Turkey as well.
The selection of the participants demonstrated that although a family structure may be similar, within each family structure there also existed diversity.
In the United States, over four million children are being raised primarily by their grandparents, yet few children's books depict this family structure.
Two compelling factors emerge: the fact that family structure (the number of parents riving in the student's home and their relationships to the child) and parental involvement in their children's schoolwork usually have a positive influence on student achievement.
An ongoing debate among researchers who investigate the relationship between family structure and educational outcomes involves discerning whether it is the type of family a child lives in (family structure) or the stress of adapting to a marital transition (family instability) that matters most.
It's worked through the ages because family structure remained pretty standard and constant.
To examine the effects of family structure, focusing on the single-father family, on children's access to medical care.
Limited family structure and BRCA gene mutation status in single cases of breast cancer Weitzel JN, Lagos VI, Cullinane CA et al.
We find that the two-adoptive-parent family structure is remarkably similar to the two-biological-parent family structure in that it provides adoptive children an advantage over children in other alternative family structures.
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